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Financial Planning Articles (December 29, 2018)

“Financial Planning Articles” is a collection of articles and research that I’ve been reading regarding financial planning.


What I’m Reading:

Planning Profession

Robo Advisor Wealthfront Makes Automated Financial Planning Free (Anne Tergesen, The Wall Street Journal)

“Among other things, Wealthfront’s financial planning service can tell clients how much they should save, how much they can afford to spend on a home, and how much to save for a child to attend college, using projections of future costs for specific U.S. schools along with estimates of the family’s financial aid. The service also assesses the impact of each financial decision on a client’s retirement plans.”

Advisor Shortage? What Advisor Shortage? (Charles Paikert, Financial Planning)

“All [those] firms have to do is increase the assets they manage by less than 10% and you literally wouldn’t need any of the [smaller] firms,” Thomson said in a subsequent interview with Financial Planning.

Thomson made clear that he didn’t think solo practices would or should go out of business. “I’m not suggesting that there won’t be an ongoing role for smaller firms,” he said.

Ep: 180: Diving into XYPN’s 2018 Annual Benchmarking Study (Alan Moore, XY Planning Network Advisor Blog)

“We dive into our 2018 Benchmarking Study’s primary charts and cover key data points that will help advisors thinking about launching a firm set realistic expectations about growth. How much revenue should you expect for your first years in business? Is it really necessary to find a niche? Does the CFP even matter? “


To Help Put Recent Economic & Market Moves in Perspective (Ray Dalio,

“A number of people have asked me to explain what’s now going on in the markets and economy….In order to help you understand what’s happening now, and more importantly to give you the template I use so that you can use it to figure out what’s happening without me, I’d like you to see it within the context of how the market and economic machines work because if you understand that, you can understand these things on your own.”


Do We Value Attention Properly? (Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog)

“Consider the non-profit that hassles its volunteer list for donations. Instead of differentiating between those with energy and passion (but little money) and those with an instinct to give (but little time), they do the easy, dumb thing and treat everyone the same. It’s just an email.”

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