New Advisor Marketing Inside Out

New Advisor Marketing Inside Out (April 2024)

The best marketing strategies, tactics, and trends for new financial advisors from experts inside and outside of the industry.

Publishing Note:

After next month’s edition of “Inside Out,” I am going to pause publishing over the summer. (I need to prioritize a few other projects for at least the next few months.) Thank you for your understanding!

Taylor Schulte with advice for new advisors looking to publish their first piece of content, what wins in SEO today, the tools he uses to validate highly searched blog post ideas, and more [Podcast]:

“This is scary and hard to do, but you’ve got to just put it out there and kind of ‘let your freak flag fly.’ Your first video, your first podcast episode, it’s going to suck. But just be yourself and ‘push publish’ and put it out there and continue to iterate and improve and learn.

You go back and look at anybody’s first video, you go back and look at Michael Kitces’ first video or my first podcast or my first video. Or somebody like Gary V who’s popular in marketing. Go look at his very first video of Wine Library and his Dad. They were terrible. All of these very first videos are terrible. Yours is going to be terrible. Just own it. Have some fun with it. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. Be authentic. Just put yourself out there and continue to iterate and improve.

I think too many of us, myself included in the beginning, are just really reserved, trying to say the right thing, and not mess up. It’s just like: ‘No, just be yourself.'”

Mastering SEO And Email Marketing For Steady Client Acquisition [Hillary Gale Meehan, The Finance Marketing Podcast]

A few “first pieces of content” to show even today’s top creators weren’t perfect in the beginning:

If you’re looking to add speaking events or webinars to your marketing strategy, some public-speaking tips from Ben Carlson [Article]:

“Don’t give a lecture. Tell stories. How many lectures from school do you remember? If you’re like me, it’s slim to none.

Now think about how many stories you remember.

Too many words on a slide is a bad idea because it makes the audience read instead of listening to what you’re saying.

My general presentation rules of thumb are as follows:

  • Stories > Visuals > Data > Words

People remember stories, not statistics.”

Some Things I’ve Learned About Public Speaking [Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense]

If you’re outsourcing parts of your content marketing, 5 ways to help “make it your own” so you don’t blend in with other plain-vanilla content [Article]:

“I’m an optimist. Let the bots write the forgettable content you wouldn’t want to read, much less spend time writing. What generative AI can’t replace is your lived experiences. AI has no knowledge of what it is to be alive and it has no shared experiences with us. Forget the sea of sameness. You don’t even have to swim against the current. You just need to tap into what makes you you, and lead with your unique perspective.”

You Are Your Moat [Amanda Natividad, SparkToro]

Worth considering incorporating into all of your marketing messaging:

With social media algorithms rewarding engagement, how to create content that grabs readers’ attention and encourages them to interact [Article]:

“The lesson here is that you don’t always need to discuss controversial or high-stakes topics to get engagement. Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm are great examples of how mundane topics can be entertaining and thought-provoking.

Content that uses strong opinions drives engagement and elevates your social media presence because it’s different. Taking a strong perspective on mundane topics is not a typical content strategy. It stands out in people’s feeds, especially compared to the growing amount of AI-generated content—AI has no point of view. 

Content that uses counter-narrative opinions also has a unique tone. Content that uses strong opinions doesn’t use qualifying language. Instead of saying, ‘In some cases, you might want to consider,’ directly state your point of view. For example, ‘Removing dates from blog posts increases your GA4 engagement rate.’ This directness makes the content more memorable—you’re more likely to stick in the visitor’s mind.”

Content That Triggers Massive Reach On Social Media [Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner]

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