New Advisor Marketing Inside Out

New Advisor Marketing Inside Out (November 2023)

The best marketing strategies, tactics, and trends for new financial advisors from experts inside and outside of the industry.

If you’re creating written content marketing, Seth Godin on overcoming writer’s block and impostor syndrome [Video, 4-Minutes]:

“So many people have something to say and yet when it’s time to say it, when it’s time to write our book, we hesitate.

We get frozen, we get stressed, we procrastinate. There’s one big reason for this and a couple small things that can help.

The big reason is because you care. You care about the work. You care about being judged. You care about the permanence of it. You care about all the overhead that comes from doing this sort of work. Caring is a good thing: it’s a sign that you’re doing something that matters.”

The End Of Writer’s Block [Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog]

ICYMI: Michael Kitces and Carl Richards on whether “just” doing good work is enough of a marketing strategy to where “if you build it, they will come” [Video or Podcast with Transcript]:

[Kitces]: “My fear is for every 1 story of someone who eventually gets discovered and all the good things happen, 10 don’t, or 100 don’t, or 1,000 don’t. My worry is not the advisor who does amazing things and the word gets out and everything goes crazy. Kudos to you.

It’s all the others who don’t have some way to cultivate the referrals and the ways that all these people have found triggers that make themselves more referable and actually creates the word-of-mouth events happening.

They just slave away doing amazing work and no one knows. The business does not grow to what they wish it would be and they don’t get to serve the people that they want to serve. That’s what I worry about.”

Video Timestamps:

  • Is Doing Good Work Enough?: 04:05
  • Being Seen As An Expert: 15:34
  • Mystery And Exclusivity 20:48
  • Referrals Begin With Relationships: 30:06

Can You Just Do Good Work And Get Noticed As An Advisor Or Do You Have To Self-Promote? [Michael Kitces & Carl Richards, Kitces & Carl Podcast]

Content marketing allows you to build trust and demonstrate expertise. If you’re looking for more content ideas, you could consider “building in public.” What it means, why it’s so valuable, and what to share/not share (“insider secrets” vs. trade secrets), [Article or Podcast or Video]:

“First things first: insider secrets are not the same as trade secrets!

Trade secrets are what make your product or service totally unique—that one recipe, material, formula, or algorithm which nobody else has.

Insider secrets are knowledge that you have from inside the business, information which is valuable, but not exclusive. For example, if you run an event, you have insider knowledge about how speakers get selected, which you can share judiciously with your audience.

Sharing this kind of information sets you up as an expert within your industry. It shows that you’re transparent and want to connect with people.”

Video Timestamps:

  • About Arvid Kahl: 01:02
  • Why Building In Public On Twitter Is So Valuable: 09:49
  • Knowing What To Share On Twitter: 18:29
  • The Value Of Processing Decisions In Public: 25:43
  • Growing An Audience On Twitter: 29:44
  • What Types Of Content Should You Produce For Twitter: 41:29

Building In Public: Leveraging Twitter For More Reach [Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner]

If video is on the agenda for you or you “just” want to simply learn from one of the top YouTube creators (260 million views over the past year), Jon Youshaei shares the “First Frame Rule,” how to de-risk your first videos (hint: short-form), and much more [Video or Podcast with Transcript]:

“The ‘First Frame Rule’ essentially is when it comes to short-form content, you should be as obsessed with your first frame as thumbnails for long-form content. And the first frame is literally what you see at the 0-second mark when you come across a video for the first time. And, essentially, it’s the extreme of, ‘Oh, the first three seconds matter’ that everyone has been saying for the past 5 years. No. No. No. No. That is outdated advice.”

Video Timestamps:

  • The Smartest Creator on YouTube: 00:00
  • Best YouTube Advice No One Ever Told You: 01:07
  • How to Build Your Variety Show: 04:11
  • 1st Frame Rule: 08:14
  • How to Find Your Niche: 12:28
  • Age is ACTUALLY an Advantage on YouTube: 15:19
  • The Dr. Mike-ification of YouTube: 17:10
  • Jon’s Packaging Process: 18:26
  • Why Content Formats are so Important: 24:20
  • You Should Start with Shorts: 27:12
  • Converting a Shorts Audience to Long Form: 28:54
  • The Future of YouTube: 33:33

Ex-YouTube Employee Shares The Best Growth Advice (That You’ve Probably Never Heard) [Jay Clouse, Creator Science]

A thread with some helpful resources and information on producing a podcast [X Post]:

If you are introverted and think this limits your marketing potential, Kristen Luke on how you can shape your strategy to your strengths [Article, 3-Minute Read]:

“I know the exhaustion that follows hours of meetings, the reluctance to be in the spotlight, and the preference for one-on-one interactions over networking events.

Yet, despite not fitting the stereotypical marketer mold, I have managed to carve out a successful path in marketing, largely by focusing on strategies that play to my strengths as an introvert.

In fact, I believe I am a good marketer because I don’t have the extroverted personality to bring in business based on my personality alone. I have to find ways to get people to want to work with me before they ever meet me.”

Introvert-Friendly Marketing Tips For Advisors [Kristen Luke, Advisor Perspectives]

Olivia Luper on how clarifying your values can help differentiate your marketing, boost your bottom line, and more [Article, 3-Minute Read]:

“Discussing your internal company values openly and sharing them with your clients helps to foster fierce loyalty. When you have fiercely loyal clients, they’ll be far more likely to stick with you through thick and thin and recommend you to others. It comes down to the fact that we all make important purchase decisions based on personal beliefs and values, even when it’s not stated outwardly.”

6 Reasons Why Values Really Matter in Financial Advisor Marketing [Olivia Luper, Lexicon Advisor Marketing]

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