Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (December 12-13, 2020)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

Cranbrook Wealth’s Casey Bear and Logan Ross on how to find your fit in the industry, being selective with offers, and the approach the two took to develop Ross into a lead advisor of 50 ultra-affluent clients by age 29 [Podcast]:

“At first, I was extremely nervous. I think any 24-year-old would be. I just kept spiraling the snowball effect of working with one big family, then another, and another. Having Casey right there in front of me. He’d bring me in on meetings. He’d bring me in on calls. The demographics, the culture here, you just feel more comfortable. Getting in a comfortable atmosphere helps with that confidence. The more and more I felt comfortable being around these clients, being around Casey, the founder of the firm, it just kept helping the confidence build.”

EP #12: How To Deliver Results Beyond Years Of Experience With Casey Bear And Logan Ross (Caleb Brown, New Planner Recruiting)

ICYMI: Striking the right balance between comprehensive financial planning’s complexity and the need for simplicity during implementation to create momentum, with Roger Whitney: [Podcast]:

“We want to make them aware of all of these other issues, but we don’t want to overcomplicate the issue. Especially too quickly if the patient is not bleeding out because we want forward motion. Because our goal as advisors isn’t to solve the simplistic problem, but it’s also not to over complicate. At a fundamental level it’s understanding what the client wants, we know that, but once we have an idea of that, our role is to get them from A to Z as efficiently and quickly as we can.”

Don’t Make It So Complicated: How To Create Elegant Simplicity (Roger Whitney, The Agile Financial Planner)

The importance of differentiating between your social media strategy versus your website conversion strategy [Video]:

Do Financial Advisors Actually Get New Clients From Social Media? (Samantha Russell, Twenty Over Ten)

How to prepare for artificial intelligence’s impact on the technical side of your practice [Article]:

“The capacity of artificial intelligence is mind-boggling. It can keep track of the entire IRS Code and perform instant calculations to improve tax efficiency. It can make adjustments to 529 plans based on changes in projected tuition. But the greatest benefit may be the elimination of human error and emotion. Adkisson noted that AI financial advisors are ‘already here’ and are ‘quite likely to take over the sector entirely within the next decade.'”

How To Thrive In Spite Of An Imminent Threat To The Advisory Profession (Dan Solin, Advisor Perspectives)

Ways to boost your influence by better understanding your audience’s communication preferences and reasoning style: [Article]:

“To influence others, notice how they reason, articulate their thoughts, ask questions, and respond to counterarguments. Then use those insights to inform your own communication style. Try breaking down their linguistic style with the framework we used to analyze the legal documents: Where does your evaluator’s style fall in terms of analytical thinking, clout, authenticity, and emotional content?”

Want To Win Someone Over? Talk Like They Do (Maxim Sytch and Yong H. Kim, Harvard Business Review)

Morgan Housel on what he’s learned about investing, overconfidence, uncertainty, and more [Article]:

“Most professions would benefit from at least one a day month where you did nothing but think. No meetings, no calls, no deliverables. Just a seat on the couch thinking about what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it. One day a week is necessary for some fields. But it’s rare because sitting on the couch doesn’t look like work, so managers raise an eyebrow – even if it’s obvious that if your job involves thinking you should be given time to think.”

A Few Things I’m Pretty Sure About (Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund)

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