Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (June 12-13, 2021)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

Morningstar behavioral researcher Samantha Lamas shares studies showing:

  • there may be a difference in what your clients say their goals are and their actual goals
  • how to help clients better identify their actual goals
  • how to communicate the value of behavioral coaching [Podcast: 86-minutes]

“They discovered that there is indeed a gap that exists between the goals clients think they want and the goals they actually want. The goals that are truly relevant and important to them.

For example, you may have a meeting with a couple who walks in on a Monday morning after spending their Sunday afternoon at a house-warming party. When you ask them what their goals are, their experience from the house-warming party yesterday (availability bias) is top-of-mind, and thus, they list buying a new home as one of their goals. But had you asked them on Friday, it wouldn’t have shown up in their top 3.

The implications of these results are massive. As we said earlier, the success of goals-based planning hinges on the ability to identify and prioritize goals. Yet, the majority of people don’t actually know what their true goals are.”

Uncovering Your Client’s Most Meaningful Goals With Samantha Lamas [Brendan Frazier, The Human Side Of Money]

How to detect, prevent, and get rid of “head trash” [Podcast: 28-minutes]:

“If I’m putting a limitation on myself or a disbelief on myself, that is head trash and I need to curtail that and fix it. A quick example of that would be, ‘I can’t do surge meetings,’ or, ‘I can’t delegate my email.’ Well, we know that it’s physically possible to do it.

So take surge meetings, take fee increases, take delivering massive value, take delegation, not doing everything in your office, not having a shopkeeper’s mentality, all of those things that can creep into head trash in our world.”

Head Trash [Matthew Jarvis & Micah Shilanski , The Perfect RIA]

Samantha Russell with the case for LinkedIn as a lead resource tool and ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile [Video: 8-minutes]:

5 Steps To Optimize Your Linkedin Profile To Generate More Business [Samantha Russell, Twenty Over Ten]

Ryan Hughes on lessons he learned on the way to hitting $100M AUM this week [Twitter thread]:

Twitter Thread

The differences between a “busy mindset” and a “productive mindset” [Article: 4-minute read]:

“The quest to be more effective at work has hatched misconceptions about what having a productive workday really means. It has also led most people into thinking that being busy is tantamount to being productive.”

The Differences Between Busy And Productive People [Larry Kim, Inc.]

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