Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (March 4-5, 2023)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

How to leverage ChatGPT and other AI-backed software to more effectively create content marketing [Article]:

“I could ask it to write the entire article and list all the sources it used, but I don’t do that. I find it easier to review the outline, select the areas I want to focus on, research, and write the content in my voice.

I’m also aware that Google penalizes the use of AI-generated content.

I probably don’t save time using Chat GPT in this manner, but it alleviates the drudgery of preparing the first outline and permits me to focus on more creative aspects.

Using artificial intelligence has permitted us to expand our services in a very cost-effective way. Instead of just providing content, we create a script for a video. We then create a branded video, a summary of the blog for use in a newsletter or e-mail, and a social media post promoting the blog.”

How AI Is Making Advisors More Efficient And Effective [Dan Solin, Advisor Perspectives]

ICYMI: Michael Kitces and Carl Richards share a handful of approaches to show “real” examples of your financial planning deliverables [Video with Transcript]:

Kitces & Carl Ep 106: Sharing ‘Real’ Examples Of Your Work To Show The Value Of Financial Planning [Michael Kitces & Carl Richards, Kitces & Carl]

A nice overview of the history, leaders, organizations, and events related to financial life planning and behavioral finance [Article]:

“‘We don’t get taught how to deal in behavior change and changing people’s behavior, getting people to follow through,’ he said. ‘It’s a completely different skill set. And what we also know is that giving advice, telling somebody what to do, creates this barrier resistance to doing it.’

‘It has gotten to the point where some folks are charging north of $50,000 a year for transition advice,’ she said. ‘We’re moving towards this being the centerpiece, and they do whatever else they do around it and charging a fee that’s profitable for the firm,’ she said. ‘That is high value stuff, but you have to be able to explain it, what it is, why it has value, what it would do for a client, and you have to know how to charge for it so that you actually make a profit,’ she added. ‘Don’t lose your shirt. It’s not lost leader. And we’re just at the beginning of that.'”

Human First: The Rise Of FinPsych, Financial Therapy And Life Planning [Diana Britton, WealthManagement.com]

FMG’s Samantha Russell with a 3-step framework for more effective marketing and examples of best practices [Article]:

“As we begin 2023 and you think about how you want to market your financial advisory business, my number one tip is this: Stop asking yourself, ‘What marketing tactic will work?’

Start asking, ‘What makes my business marketable in the first place?'”

What Makes Your Advisory Business Marketable? [Samantha Russell, FMG]

Carl Richards encourages you to double down on your “tailwinds” [Video]:

Tailwind & Stoke [Carl Richards, The Society Of Advice]

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