Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (May 29-31 2021)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

Industry recruiting veteran Shannon O’Toole with excellent, all-encompassing advice for your next interview [Podcast: 28-minutes]:

“I think it’s an interesting time right now to be a candidate. I do, from my perspective, think that the industry has a shortage of talent. You can be a little bit more picky right now as a candidate. So, just as I tell a firm owner that they really need to think about who it is they want to hire and what those values and behaviors of that person look like, I think as a candidate before you ever start your search, you should really sit down and think about what is your goal. What are you ultimately trying to achieve in this process? What does success look like to you?”

Getting Hired In Financial Planning With Shannon O’Toole [Caleb Brown, New Planner Recruiting]

Thomas Kopelman recounts his first year’s growth with his firm RLS Wealth [Article: 4-minute read]

“I had this whole belief system around how I wanted to work with and serve millennials. How I wanted to market and attract vs call and sell. How I wanted to give advice vs sell products. My previous employer would tell me I was wrong. They would say that tons of people have followed this method and it works and that I just need to do it (even though only 20% of people succeed in this system). Eventually, I realized I couldn’t be the advisor I wanted to be if I stayed where I was at.

…This form of marketing has led me to adding right around 25 new clients this calendar year alone. I wanted to bring this up because I want to help encourage others to keep working towards their goals. Plenty of people on the sidelines are going to tell you that you are crazy. That building something and growing is hard — and they aren’t wrong. It is hard! But it is so rewarding. Don’t let yourself get discouraged and think you can’t do it because you aren’t good at it. I wasn’t either. And neither were the people you look up to that do it so well now. They all worked for that success just like you can.”

Bet On Yourself [Thomas Kopelman, ThomasKopelman.com]

An example of Kopelman’s marketing content that he tweaked along with two other tactics to experiment with if you feel like your content is underperforming [Article: 3-minute read]:

“Social media is best used to interact with your audience and support brand awareness. The 80/20 rule increases your audience’s engagement by focusing on their interests. As you adopt these strategies, remember they are not mutually exclusive. The best social media posts combine the three strategies above. Don’t be afraid to get creative the next time you’re planning your social media calendar. Your audience will thank you for it!”

How To Know If 80% Of Your Marketing Is A Waste Of Money [Samantha Russell, Advisor Perspectives]

A look at five persuasion principles (that should be used ethically) [Article: 4-minute read]:

“How do you get yourself into the right frame of mind to achieve your goals? Cialdini says that before we begin our task, we need to focus on thoughts that are aligned with the goals that we want to achieve.

For example, a group of fundraisers who saw pictures of a runner winning a race consistently garnered 60% more money over a four-day period than a control group did. Those images put the idea of success into their minds before they kicked off their project.”

5 Persuasion Techniques From Robert Cialdini [Mark Elzweig, ThinkAdvisor.com]

The benefits of a mastermind group to new planners and considerations for who to bring into the group based on experience level and background [Podcast: 56-minutes]:

“I think it’s a huge benefit, particularly because each person in the group has a slightly different skill set to bring. So Bonnie and Becky both have their own tax business as well. And so they are really helpful when it comes to kind of tax planning questions. Molly, of course, has her CFA, so she’s a really great resource when it comes to investment-type questions. And, you know, she’s very generous with her information and wisdom and experiences in that world. And Bonnie is also the one among us who has gone out and hired people. So that has been incredibly helpful to hear about and learn about as well. For me, I would say I bring kind of the life planning twist to the group and have some more background with financial counseling as well. So the differences in thought, I actually actively seek that out because I don’t want to just know what I want and I know, I want to know what the other people are doing, how they do it and what might work to help me get even better.”

The Power Of A Mastermind Group [Maddy Roche, XY Planning Network]

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