Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (October 17-18, 2020)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

Thinking outside of the box for client and prospect virtual events:

“Whether it’s a big holiday party or an intimate dinner, most advisers host some type of gathering throughout the year. Socializing with clients is a proven way to enhance relationships and is often a great source of referrals, particularly when clients bring friends along. In our new virtual world, few advisers are hosting dinners or wine tastings, and even fewer clients want to attend; instead, advisers are planning unique, scalable events that are deepening relationships in surprising ways — and, most important, getting clients talking about them. 

Get Creative About Client Events In A Virtual World (Kristine McManus, InvestmentNews.com)

Revive your social media account:

“But are you really an active user, or did you, like so many others, create your profile and then…nothing. When it comes to social media, the ‘if you build it, they will come’ mentality won’t work. You can’t just create a profile and assume the rest is history. Social media is all about engagement, and that engagement is two-sided and continuous. If you’re struggling to engage on Twitter, fear not. This post will walk you through how to breathe life back into your Twitter account so you can reach more prospects and generate more buzz around your business.

How To Improve Your RIA’s Stagnant Twitter Page: A Step-By-Step Guide For Financial Advisors (Carolyn Dalle-Molle, XY Planning Network)

Rethinking “Sales” with a more positive connotation:

A Group Chat: Discomfort Around Selling (Justin Castelli, RLS Wealth)

Niche first, tech stack second:

“These advisors press us to name the best CRM, or the best custodian, or just ‘tell me which reporting provider I should buy, and I’ll go do it.’  Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple. When I’m asked, ‘What is the best _____?’ I always respond with, ‘First, can you tell me what type of client you are serving, and what types of investments are in their portfolios?'”  

Identify Your Ideal Client Before You Determine Your Tech Stack (Matt Sonnen, WealthManagement.com)

How to identify overlooked, high-income prospects:

“Advisors need to keep the prospecting pipeline filled. This presents many challenges, including knowing which jobs and professions pay well. Many confident advisors can feel awed when talking to professionals like doctors or lawyers. This feeling increases if the other person considers the advisor or agent a salesperson.”  

High-Earning Prospects Are Easier To Find Than You Think (Bryce Sanders, ThinkAdvisor)

Winner takes all:

“Fidelity Investments plans to hire 4,000 people over the next six months as the money manager benefits from this year’s turmoil while some of its rivals struggle. The Boston-based firm said Tuesday the additions will be in areas including financial advisers and customer service agents, and represent a 15% increase in associates who focus on clients. …Fidelity also said Tuesday that it is recruiting 1,000 college students for its 2021 summer internship program and 500 graduates for training programs.” 

Fidelity Plans To Hire 4,000 Over Next Six Months (Michael McDonald, Bloomberg)

In defense of relearning:

“In one sense, forgetting is a very real problem. How many of us could still pass exams for classes we took in college? How many dust-covered books sit on your shelf which you’ve forgotten the plot? Knowledge, like all things, decays with time. It would be nice if there were a simple procedure for guaranteeing permanent memories. … Relearning as a strategy means accepting that your knowledge for old subjects will decay and that there will be a period of work before they’re usable at their previous level.” 

Fearing Forgetting: Should You Try to Maintain or Relearn Knowledge? (Scott Young, Ultralearning)

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