Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (September 24-25, 2022)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

Treyton DeVore shares the content repurposing routine that led to AllStreet Wealth’s extraordinary growth, the efficiencies he’s experienced from iterating niches, and more [Podcast]:

“You still have to be conscious of quality, but you can’t let perfection stop you from putting out content either. You’re going to get better over time. You just have to balance between ‘Am I getting better and is this working?’ and ‘Do I actually need to pivot and do something else?’

That stuff is super, not easy to do, but it’s marketing. You have a business, you need to grow it and get people aware of what you do. So, if you’re not going to in-person conferences and you’re not making 100 to 150 dials a day you need to get your name in front of people and the easiest way to do that is content.”

Mastering The Art Of Repurposing Content – Treyton DeVore [Broc Buckles and Peter Ciravolo, Only Fee-Only Podcast]

The importance of anticipating clients’ emotional needs [Article]:

“Consider the client who just sold their business. It’s easy to assume congratulations are in order with that sort of liquidity event, but how is the client actually feeling? Maybe they don’t want to let go of the business they’ve built for 30 years. Maybe they feel like they’re losing part of their identity.

What about the client who is sending their child off to college? How are they feeling being an empty nester for the first time? Did the move-in go smoothly? Is their child doing well or feeling a bit homesick?

Anticipating Your Clients’ Emotional Needs [Kevin Nichols, WealthManagement.com]

Current compensation trends for paraplanners, associate planners, and lead advisors [Video]:

2022 Compensation Data And Trends For New Planners [Caleb Brown, New Planner Recruiting]

Three keys to a great mailing list landing page [Article]:

“One way to increase your readership is to have a great landing page. A landing page is essentially a one-page (above the fold) website where the only goal is to get people to subscribe to your email newsletter.

The most important part of a landing page though isn’t necessarily the look of the page, but the copy that’s on the page.”

Grow Your Mailing List With A Good Landing Page (Plus Two Sample Ideas) [Ashby Daniels, Money Visuals]

If you ever feel impostor syndrome or hampered by limiting beliefs, Stephanie Bogan with some science-backed tips [Video]:

How To Combat A Limiting Belief [Candice Carlton and Meg Carpenter, The New Skool]

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