Financial Planning Articles

Financial Planning Articles (September 3, 2018)

“Financial Planning Articles” is a collection of articles and research that I’ve been reading regarding financial planning.


What I’m Reading:

New Financial Planners/Career Changers

10 Tips for New Financial Planners to Maximize Career Progression (Michael Kitces,

“The key aspects you should look for when trying to get that first financial planning job: make sure it’s a firm that is really serious about doing financial planning, that you’re a good fit for the person you will be working for, that you can focus on learning and getting some experience (that includes operations and administrative experience!), and that you will have an opportunity to be involved in the process (even if it’s just behind the scenes for the first year or few).”


SEC Chairman Wants to Let More Main Street Investors In on Private Deals (Dave Michaels, Wall Street Journal)

“The SEC hopes to streamline that process [for investing in private deals] and create more “accredited” investors, such as by allowing in people who don’t meet income or wealth thresholds but have professional licenses or advanced education, Mr. Clayton said.”


How to Double Your Seminar Appointments (Kerry Johnson, Advisor Perspectives)

“The best way to book appointments is to create a need and let them self-evaluate why they should book an appointment with you.”

Industry News

A Look at Scale Across Automated Investment Platforms (


Personal/Career Development

Maybe Your Sleep Isn’t a Problem (Alex Williams, The New York Times)

“According to Dr. Walker, about 40 percent of the population are morning people, 30 percent are evening people, and the remainder land somewhere in between. ‘Night owls are not owls by choice,’ he writes. ‘They are bound to a delayed schedule by unavoidable DNA hard wiring. It is not their conscious fault, but rather their genetic fate.'”

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