Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (August 6-7, 2022)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

XY Planning Network co-founder Alan Moore covers all things entrepreneurship and getting your start in the industry including [Podcast]:

  • The biggest growth factor for new RIAs
  • The best action steps to take today if you are several years out from starting your firm
  • Mistakes to avoid when considering starting an RIA
  • The average industry experience of XYPN’s most successful, new advisors
  • How to get the most out of industry conferences
  • And more…

“What we find is that the firms who put their stake in the ground and say ‘This is who I work with, the only person I work with, and everyone else I am going to refer out…’ we see they grow faster, they earn higher fees per client, they spend less time per client, and they’re self-reporting delivering higher value and more value to those clients.”

What Works Wednesdays With Guest Alan Moore [Matthew Jarvis, The Perfect RIA]

SEI’s Shauna Mace with a 4-part productivity framework to keep from getting bogged down in busywork [Podcast]:

“Advisors can probably [relate] to it, too, with their clients. I learned very quickly as a consultant, that I could give advice. I could give great advice, I could give proven advice, but if there wasn’t action taken, then who cares, right? So, I learned pretty quickly that a large part of success, taking action in the right way, sustainable growth, all of these things depended more on the coaching side. They depended more on the mindset.

Shifting From Busy To Productive: A Conversation With SEI’s Shauna Mace [Alex Cavalieri, The Advisor Lab]

Kate Healy on how to create your ideal career path [Article]:

“Not in the perfect role yet? How can you expand the role you have to include tasks that you enjoy? Look around your firm and see what is not getting done because it is a ‘on the side of the desk’ responsibility. What new initiative is your firm trying to get off the ground? Raising your hand to take on extra responsibility not only gets you noticed, but lets you try on new roles and responsibilities with minimal risk to your current job. And suddenly your run-of-the-mill role has some new accountabilities that just may be the ticket to your ideal job.”

Creating Your Ideal Job. Throughout Your Career. [Kate Healy, WealthManagement.com]

Ben Carlson on time management: routines, downtime, buying time, and spending time [Article]:

“Maybe I’m becoming sentimental with age but just looking at this chart brings about all sorts of feelings.

The kids one really got me.

I never really put much thought into time management when I was young.

Now I’m much more deliberate with how I spend my time, mostly out of necessity. Responsibilities tend to increase with age so juggling work, family, friends, health, and hobbies is no easy feat.”

Scarcity Is An Ally Of Appreciation [Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense]

Morgan Housel on managing the potential costs of exceptional “opportunities” [Article]:

“Maybe your portfolio surged during a bubble, your company hit a monster valuation, or you negotiated a salary that exceeds your ability. It feels great at the time. But reality eventually catches up, and demands repayment in equal proportion to your delusions – plus interest.

These debts are easy to ignore because they are often repaid in the form of self-doubt and crushed morale. But they are very real, and when you understand their power you become careful what you wish for.”

Reality Catches Up [Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund]

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