Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (December 24-26, 2022)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

“The Human Side of Money” podcast host Brendan Frazier shares the best lessons and insights from his outstanding guests over the past year, touching on topics including [Podcast]:

  • How to create a “Goal Hierarchy” that emphasizes the “Why” behind goals to actually create behavioral change and strengthen your client relationships
  • The importance of question ordering and when to use statement prompts instead of questions to get better answers from clients
  • The effectiveness of the “EAR” framework in client communications
  • And more…

“You think about what somebody wants to do: ‘They want to retire at age 65.’ But, that’s not really what they want to do. What they really want is not to retire at 65, it’s not about what they want to do it’s about why they want to do it. When you focus on what, you miss the why. It’s not about retiring at age 65, it’s actually about being able to spend more time with their grandkids that live in another state before they get to an age when they’re on their cell phones all of the time and they don’t think that we’re cool anymore.”

The Best Ideas & Insights From 2022 [Brendan Frazier, The Human Side Of Money]


A bonus assist from Brendan sharing a thread with some great prompts to generate questions for clients [Twitter Thread]:

Jeff Levine with a “Simpsons”-themed summary of Secure Act 2.0 [Twitter Thread]:

A three-step process to outsource writing periodic newsletters [Article]:

“Open rates for the Client Newsletter typically hover around 70-80% suggesting we are achieving the goal of ‘touching each client each month.’

We also receive a handful of positive emails from clients each month. During our Fall Surge, I asked for feedback on the Client Newsletter, which was overwhelmingly positive.

So for $100ish per month, we are accomplishing our goals of providing the client with content that encourages long-term thinking, brings the firm to the top of their mind, and serves as an invitation for a client to contact us for assistance. Plus, I am accomplishing both objectives in 10 minutes of personal time and 11 to 16 minutes of administrative time.”

How To Create Value With A Client Newsletter [Steve Drost, The Value Of Advice]

Synchronous Wealth Advisors co-founder Shane Sideris with eight lessons he wished he knew before launch [Twitter Thread]:

Carl Richards highlights the importance of consistency when “doing work in public” [Video]:

What You Create Is Not As Important As The Act Of Regularly Creating [Carl Richards, The Society Of Advice]

A reminder of our impact [Article]

“We rarely get to see the full effect of our influence – however small or seemingly insignificant. Consider this:  a single conversation or statement can alter the trajectory of someone’s entire life.  In turn, they will go on to impact countless others.”

It’s A Wonderful Life [Joy Lere, Finding Joy]

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