Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (March 6-7, 2021)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

New Planner Recruiting’s Caleb Brown shares his tips for how new financial planners can gain confidence in low-risk environments [Video: 3-minutes]:

5 Ways To Gain Confidence As A New Planner [Caleb Brown, New Planner Recruiting]

ProudMouth founder and CEO Kirk Lowe shares how to accelerate your content marketing results with organic strategies, how a small podcast audience can get just as much ROI as more established podcasts, and multiple marketing tactics to leverage your podcast episodes with “centers of influence” and prospects [Podcast: 64-minutes]:

“If you’re not doing [content marketing] now in 2021, it’s starting to get to a place where that’s a risk in your business of being stagnant. Because I’m seeing some pretty special stuff with people doing neat things with content marketing. They’ve set their business up for success for a lot of years – and they don’t have to work like dogs to get there or to keep it going because they’ve got a system that they’ve invested in for 3 or 4 years. That system is a competitive advantage.”

Kirk Lowe On Building Your Authority With Content Marketing [David DeCelle, The Model FA]

Twenty Over Ten’s Samantha Russell provides 12 tips for improving your online marketing webinars [Video: 6-minutes]:

How To Give The Best Virtual Presentation: 12 Tips For Financial Advisors (Webinar Marketing) [Samantha Russell, Twenty Over Ten]

XY Planning Network advisors Cathy Morgan and James Hindes cover the catalysts that spurred career changes to become financial advisors, the transferrable skills from their former jobs, and how they managed the transition (including financially and with their professional obligations) [Podcast: 52-minutes]:

“The work I was doing at the time involved flying about one hundred, to hundred and fifty thousand miles a year. So multiple computers in my backpack doing all the work at night in hotel rooms, scheduling meetings was tough. I mean, most of the clients didn’t care because they want to meet evenings and weekends anyway. But it was tough to do two things. And I think the hardest part was emotionally – I knew that my heart wasn’t really in the former work and it was really in the new work. And I wasn’t putting enough of myself into the new work. So it was creating a lot of tension for me.”

Embracing Career Change: A Conversation With Cathy Morgan And James Hindes [Maddy Roche, XY Planning Network]

New study shows people tend to miss the mark on estimating when to end conversations – and tips for how to do so politely [Article: 5-minute read]:

“The average discrepancy between desired and actual durations, the researchers write, ‘was roughly half the duration of the conversation.’ People were terrible at estimating when their partners wanted to wrap it up — they weren’t great at pinpointing when they wanted the conversation to stop, either.”

2 Science-Backed Ways To Politely End A Conversation [Sarah Sloat, Inverse.com]

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