Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (September 18-19, 2021)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

Michael Kitces highlights the industry effects of the emergence of “Financial Advicers” [Podcast with Transcript]:

Michael Kitces: The average advisory fee is higher now than it was in 2012, almost 10 years ago when robo advisors first showed up because we’re doing more advice and we’re actually finding it so valuable. We can charge more for it, literally the opposite of fee compression.

Reese Harper: And all of the robo advisors had to pivot and say, ‘Okay, fine, we’ll offer a supported option.

Michael Kitces: There’s human CFPs because it turns out people need some advice. And if you don’t and you just want to take an order and buy something, that’s great. You can do that. There’s a lot of platforms to do that, but our lives aren’t getting any financially simpler and so that need for financial advice is just growing.

The Rise Of The “Financial Advicer” With Michael Kitces [Reese Harper, Elementality]

Stephanie Bogan shares research on what drives career satisfaction, how to better communicate the value of your services, and more [Video or Podcast]:

“There’s got to be a way to do this thing I love without it consuming my life. How do I pull those levers in terms of operations, marketing, and growth to get the results that I want?

So when we recognize that 1.) mindset is predominately the largest driver of success, happiness, wealth, or well-being, [2.)] we understand that it’s the quality of the thoughts that we think, which are driven by our subconscious or conditioned patterns, and [3.] that we can take charge of those patterns (what I like to call ‘agency’) – when you take agency over how you think, then you’re in the very fortunate position that 95% of people aren’t in – to take agency over the other two realms.”

Lessons Learned From A Successful Deal, Her Obsession With Mindset, And What Drove Her To “Unretire”! [Suzanne Siracuse, The Big Reveal]

A refresher on the core elements of a strong investment policy statement [Article]:

“A strong IPS can provide a solid foundation for an investment program and give investors the discipline they need to persevere through challenging investment environments.

With these considerations in mind, we recommend you work with your clients, decision makers, legal services firm, and investment managers to make certain your investment policy statements meet the thoroughness threshold.”

Four Considerations For Strong Investment Policy Statements [Michelle Brandenburg, Chris McGoldrick, Sarah Morgan Gordon, & Christopher M. Dall, Enterprising Investor]

Adam Grant on how to break out of a rut by finding “flow” [Video with Transcript]:

How To Stop Languishing And Start Finding Flow [Adam Grant, TED]

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