Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (February 4-5, 2023)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

FiComm CEO and co-founder Megan Carpenter on the importance of public relations (even for solo advisors); 3 easy, free ways to get started; and how PR’s changed in today’s media landscape [Podcast]:

“We love PR as sort of a marketing lever that you can pull because of its ability to help to generate credibility. When you’re seen as an expert source in a trusted publication, it goes a really long way to helping your potential buyer, existing client, or your strategic partners to have a lot of confidence. So, if you’re quoted in Barron’s, as an example, that does a lot for your credibility factor. So, we love PR from that perspective. It’s about creating credibility and influence through the media.”

How To Start Your PR Journey With Megan Carpenter [Matt Halloran, Top Advisor Marketing Podcast]

Advisor Group’s Andrew Kaye-Skinner shares principles and tactics from his theatre and linguistics background for more engaging presentations [Podcast]:

“You have to maintain a distractible audience, and we’re all distractible no matter how much we think we can focus.

Write down your key points. You don’t need to write out your entire PowerPoint script, but just key points that will trigger a memory for the next thing that you want to talk about. That’s huge, because it allows you to have a small visual aid that you can refer to. ‘I want to talk about long-term investments …’ and that’ll trigger your mind to, ‘Oh yeah, I want to say X, Y, and Z about that.'”

Using Theatre And Linguistics Techniques To Train, Educate, And Engage An Audience With Andrew Kaye-Skinner [Steve Sanduski, Between Now And Success]

Carl Richards on specific steps to walk clients through when addressing their fears [Video]:

Why Advisors Should Incorporate Emotional Intelligence Into Client Conversations [Matt Reiner, Bridging The Gap]

The latest data from Fidelity on the prospects for serving generations Y and Z [Article]:

“Over the next 25 years, Millennials alone are expected to inherit $27.4 trillion, while members of Gen Z stand to inherit $11.5 trillion, according to Cerulli, a Boston-based research and consulting firm. Yet according to Fidelity’s research, advisors have reached out to only 13 percent of their clients’ adult-age children — a surprisingly small number, since more than 70 percent of heirs are likely to fire or change financial advisors after inheriting wealth from their parents.

Despite the barriers that some advisors need to overcome, younger investors are eager for professional financial help. According to Fidelity, 63 percent of Gen YZ investors believe that working with an advisor is the key to achieving financial success, and 60 percent currently feel a heightened need to engage a financial advisor due to economic uncertainty.”

Advisors Still Missing An Opportunity With Younger Potential Clients [Holly Deaton, RIA Intel]

Morgan Housel on the psychology behind lifestyle inflation and wanting what we “can’t have” [Article]:

“But the dopamine train is a common and powerful trap.

And it helps answer the question of, “What do you want out of money?” Do you want a new car? A new house? Better clothes?

For most people, no, you don’t actually want any of those things. At least not directly. You want everything you can’t have.”

Everything You Can’t Have [Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund]

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