Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (July 15-16, 2023)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

Webinars have been shown to be one of the most effective ways to get new clients, yet they are underutilized across all firms. The FMG team covers everything from the best days and times to host webinars, strategies for boosting your audience size, repurposing content, and more [Video]

How Webinars Can Grow Your Business [Samantha Russell and Susan Theder, FMG]

And if you are looking for ways to be more confident in your webinars (or other presentations), Beverly Flaxington shares 6 key tips [Article]:

“Start with the end in mind. Know where you are hoping to end up before you utter the first word in a communication. Do you want your listener/reader to be inspired, educated, motivated to buy, or concerned about their situation? What do you want them to think, feel or do by the end of the engagement? For example, if you are hoping to deliver a learning opportunity whereby someone could make a behavior change, know that at the outset and create your material accordingly. In this example, don’t overwhelm them by sharing all of what you know; share just what’s needed to help them digest, learn and move on to the next topic. If you want them to buy something you are selling, create compelling stories and examples of what will happen if they don’t decide to work with you – what will befall them from inaction. If you don’t know where you want your audience to end up and you can’t state it clearly and objectively, you can’t start preparing what you want to communicate.”

The Six Keys To Confident Presenting [Beverly Flaxington, Advisor Perspectives]

An overview of how to create an email drip marketing campaign [Article]:

“Choosing the right financial advisor takes a considerable amount of time and energy. One of the best ways to encourage potential clients to engage with you is to educate them on your services and establish yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable resource over time.

One effective strategy to support this is to build an email marketing system. It’s a great way for an advisor to connect with their audience and build a lasting impression. This technique is especially effective for prospects who have already visited your website earlier but weren’t ready to make a decision.”

How To Use An Email Marketing Drip Campaign [Mikel Bruce, Advisor Perspectives]

ICYMI: How to get more comfortable speaking in front of clients, whether considering non-client facing roles may be a better path, and more [Podcast with Transcript or Video]:

“And so, as your expertise moves up, you’re moving up with clients. And if you feel yourself getting accidentally in over your head, you use what is… the technical term for it is the ‘I Don’t Know’ strategy. You can just say…and it turns out this is allowed, trademark, TM. ‘I don’t know.’ You’re allowed to just say, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Client, that’s a really good question. In fact, I’m not sure.’ And what I want to assure…absolutely promise Jerry and others like him is that people will respect that if it’s done with confidence. If you just say, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Client. That’s a really good question, and I don’t actually know the answer.’ And here’s the important part of the I don’t know strategy, is saying afterwards, ‘But Mr. and Mrs Client, I absolutely know where to find out.’ So, if you’ll just give me a day, 3 days, a week, 20 minutes, whatever it is you think you need to go get the answer, people will respect that.”

Getting Training As (Or For) An Associate Advisor To Talk More In Client Meetings [Michael Kitces & Carl Richards, Kitces & Carl]

A review of what can be complex rules for claiming Social Security as a divorced spouse [Article]:

“Social Security claiming rules are complicated. So is divorce. And when you combine the two — Social Security claiming rules for divorced spouses — the results could make your head spin.

A special widow’s minimum benefit rule says that a survivor who’s at least full retirement age at the time of claim would receive the higher of what the deceased worker was claiming or 82.5% of the deceased worker’s full retirement age amount. So if the ex-husband claimed his benefits at 62, he would receive 70% of his full retirement age amount. If he died and his ex-wife was at least full retirement age at the time, she would receive 82.5% of his benefit.”

Social Security Rules For Divorced Spouses [Mary Beth Franklin, InvestmentNews]

Morgan Housel with a collection of pithy wisdom on wealth, success, and happiness [Article]:

“‘The thing that is least perceived about wealth is that all pleasure in money ends at the point where economy becomes unnecessary. The man who can buy anything he covets, without any consultation with his banker, values nothing that he buys.’ – William Dawson

‘Your calendar is a better measure of success than your bank account.’ – James Clear

‘Write your obituary, then work backwards to live it.’ – Buffett

Smart Things Smart People Said [Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund]

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