Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (May 27-29, 2023)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

Why giving away your best content for free is actually an effective marketing strategy [Article]:

“I write articles that frequently tell readers exactly how to do the work my firm is paid to perform for its clients.

I am fine disclosing how we design websites, engage in SEO campaigns, produce videos, and utilize artificial intelligence to make our consulting practice more productive and profitable.

Why does this make sense, and why should you follow my lead?”

Give Away Your Secrets — And Thrive [Dan Solin, Advisor Perspectives]

FMG’s Samantha Russell and Susan Theder on what to do when you get engagement from prospective clients on social media—and why you don’t need to do a “hard sell” [Podcast or Video]:

Advisors, Step Away From The Hard Sell [Matt Halloran, Top Advisor Marketing Podcast]

ICYMI: Kitces.com’s Meghaan Lurtz with 5 questions to ask prospective clients to more effectively identify your target client [Article]:

“Screening questions can be useful tools not only for financial advisors but also for prospects – because knowing whether or not the relationship will be a good fit without having to spend an hour or more is helpful for both parties involved. And while screening calls may be uncomfortable and awkward, letting prospects know what to expect can help ease the discomfort of rushed, cold, or awkward feelings by promising respect, directness, and information. This is because humans like structure – we appreciate knowing what’s coming ahead of time. Which means that preparing a prospect for a screening call can lower their anxiety about the call and, at the same time, help the advisor get the information they need to assess the prospect’s appropriateness and readiness.

5 Screening Questions To Assess Client Readiness And Appropriateness (And Why It’s Especially Useful For Some Firms) [Meghaan Lurtz, Nerd’s Eye View]

Pairs well with another Kitces.com piece from Meghaan Lurtz on carving out more time for vacations.

For highly-successful clients, validating the challenges of finding new goals and how to help design them [Video]:

Helping Successful People Find New Goals [Carl Richards, The Society Of Advice]

As you help clients weigh different paths throughout life, a reminder to help them consider the hidden costs [Article]:

“It’s easy to idolize the accomplishments of those who are more successful than you, but it’s hard to understand the price they paid for that success.

This is why you have to think deeply about what liabilities you are willing to take on prior to embarking on a new project. For example, before starting a business, you should ask yourself, ‘Do I want to own the successful version of this business?’ Because envisioning what the successful version looks like will make it easier for you to determine whether you should start at all.”

The Liabilities Of Success [Nick Maggiulli, Of Dollars And Data]

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