Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (November 21-22, 2020)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

“The Advisor of Tomorrow” podcast guest TJ van Gerven shares lessons learned after launching a firm from scratch, including prioritizing building systems and processes, maintaining confidence during slow times, and being strategic with social media: [Video and Podcast]:

“Focusing on processes and systems early on – even when you have that free time – because, like you said, you need to build it for 3-4 years down the road. It’s just hard. It’s easy to say what you should do in hindsight, but there’s always this path you have to take to get to this point. Now, I’m really focused on systems and process because I have to be. Early on, I wasn’t because I didn’t necessarily have to be. So, as far as like, what I wish I would’ve done from the start is just focusing on the website a ton more and focusing on the path to scheduling a call and identifying who you are and those kinds of things because that can just make or break as far as at-bats for talking to people.”

The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast Live With TJ van Gerven: Launching A Firm From Scratch (Justin Castelli, JustinCastelli.io)

Three principles for more effectively communicating planning data to prospects [Article]:

“Humanize your data. Humans process information emotionally. They aren’t computers. Tell them why the data should matter to them, in practical terms. If you’re trying to demonstrate a difference in expected returns, don’t just show a chart showing a higher return. Label the chart something like: This Difference Could Fund Your Grandchildren’s Education. That’s something that will resonate.”

How To Present Data To A Prospect (Dan Solin, Advisor Perspectives)

Salary and compensation data from Caleb Brown and New Planner Recruiting’s recent placements [Podcast]:

“This week Caleb is flying solo behind the mic to bring you some relevant compensation data points on some of the candidates we recently placed. We want to share this with you because there is a shortage of compensation data available in the profession and it will hopefully give you a better understanding of what level of compensation you can command in the marketplace.”

Special Episode: Compensation Data Points For Newer Planners – With Caleb Brown (Caleb Brown, New Planner Recruiting)

New research on website marketing tactics that generate leads: [Article]:

“There are clear-cut behaviors that will maximize your firm’s lead-generation capabilities. To uncover those behaviors, and how they differentiate advisory firms getting a few leads from those getting dozens a year, my firm conducted a comprehensive study of 215 financial advisors. … And, according to 61% of financial advisors, generating leads is their biggest challenge.”

New Research on Top Digital Marketing Practices (Samantha Russell, Advisor Perspectives)

Survey data on whether affluent prospects are responsive to LinkedIn messages and the trade-off between volume and personalization [Article]:

“Over the past nine months, the digital marketing world has exploded for financial advisors. At Oechsli, we’ve seen the demand firsthand. Advisors are plunging headfirst into social ads, premium content and video marketing. … We asked 403 investors with a minimum of $500,000 whether or not they’d respond to a LinkedIn message from a financial advisor. We also broke the respondents down by age group.”

Do The Affluent Respond To LinkedIn Messaging? (Kevin Nichols, WealthManagement.com)

Four factors to consider when evaluating new business opportunities [Article]:

“I’ve seen many people start their own firms believing that having control would give them more freedom. But all too often the opposite occurs. It certainly happened to me. Many years ago, I adopted a “freedom” grid through which I evaluate every business opportunity. There are four categories of freedoms that I weigh: money, time, people and purpose. (I was first introduced to these four freedoms by Dan Sullivan of The Strategic Coach, which I’ve participated in on and off for 20 years.)”

Business And Mastering The Four Freedoms (Scott Hanson, InvestmentNews)

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