Weekend Content for New Planners

Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (September 5-7, 2020)

“Weekend Content for New Financial Planners” is a collection of articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that I’ve been consuming regarding breaking into financial planning, industry trends, career development, and more.

A simple system for building and maintaining your important relationships:

“What I love about Weisberg’s story is that it shatters so many myths about the best networkers, also known as superconnectors. You don’t need to be rich, charming, extroverted, or part of the old boys’ network. You can be kind, generous, helpful, and sincere without engaging in the transactional tit-for-tat thinking. And what emerges is both quite simple and spectacularly powerful. A tribe of like-minded and kind-hearted people each trying to impact their little (and sometimes large) slice of the world. Heck, it shouldn’t even be called networking. It should be called friends looking out for one another.”

The (Simple) Secrets Of Superconnectors (Khe Hy, Rad Reads)

The XY Planning Network’s latest podcast episode with Luis Rosa on leaning into your existing “network” to get a start (or take your next step) in the industry:

“I had a B.A. in economics, but I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Like economics, it was super broad and I truly didn’t know what my career path would be. So my senior year I was working at a law firm as a mailroom clerk and one of my coworkers knew a certified financial planner, professional, that they say, you know what, I think it would be worth for you guys to meet and maybe you might end up working for him. And I was like, yeah, I mean, that sounds great. I’m looking for any opportunity I can get my hands on. I had no idea what a financial planner was at the time. Never heard of it. It was not offered as a major in my school. Nobody in my family ever had one or mentioned one. I mean, up to that point, none of us in my family owned even a stock or even had a 401k at the time. And I was like, yeah, yeah, let me talk to this guy, whatever.”

Leveraging Previous Relationships To Build A Firm In A Pandemic With Luis Rosa (Maddy Roche, XYPN Radio)

The growing importance of social media for prospecting and networking:

“One notable finding of the research was that a quarter of advisors did not know how to use social media platforms effectively. Greenwich Associates said for financial advisors who acknowledged they were not tech-savvy by nature, this can be daunting. Going forward, it said, the most successful financial advisors will learn how to use social media to tap into a huge and highly engaged client base, particularly much-sought-after millennials.”

Advisors’ Social Media Use Surges During Pandemic (Michael Fischer, ThinkAdvisor.com)

10 tips for improving your social media content – a summary of David Perrell’s interview with Matthew Kobach:

“Formatting matters. Make consumable content pleasant to see and easy to read. Again, you might discover this after something has gone live, so plan ahead. Give breathing room to lines of text. What works on Linkedin won’t on Twitter. See what’s performing best in your own channels and on other people’s accounts.”

Want To Improve Your Social Media? (Elisheva Marcus, Medium.com)

A quick overview of the various types of firms – and corresponding career paths – within the financial services industry:

New Financial Planner Career Entry Points (Caleb Brown, New Planner Recruiting)

Much like building a financial plan, design a “personal experience map” to chart out the most effective next steps in your career path to accelerate your development:

“Since the 70-20-10 ratio says that experiences best accelerate your development, you’ll want to understand which experiences will build your career and, more importantly, the few, most powerful experiences that can close your from/to gap. A regularly updated personal experience map will help you chart your path. A personal experience map shows which experiences you want to acquire in the next two to five years to grow your career. It’s a practical planning document that describes how you will produce the highest-performing you.”

A Simple Way To Map Out Your Career Ambitions (Marc Effron, Harvard Business Review)

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